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    ZPW-2000R No insulation frequency shift automatic block system

    JWJ-C2 microcomputer axle counter equipment

    CXG-rx Security information transmission equipment

    JT-CZ20000-kj Cab signal/Vehicle signal

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    Customer service

    Ruixing people are good at innovation, and they are willing to win gold medals.

    Customer service

    Ruixing people are good at innovation, and they are willing to win gold medals.


    Big data service
    Technical service

    Technical service objective: zero time difference, zero distance and zero accident

    At the same time of manufacture ability enhancement, the Company still insists in erection of the business sense comprising the quality first, first-class technology, excellent brand and satisfactory service, and builds the marketing system integrated with market, sales and service. Currently, there are more than 30 service personnel who are the inter-disciplinary talents majored in railway signal and related specialties with educational background above junior college, responsible for the design liaison, debugging initiation, after-sales service and user trainings faced to the users, etc.

    Based on customer-oriented principle, the Company works hard to improve the service quality, expand the service content, strengthen and normalize the service management to the customers’ satisfaction, and facilitate the deep communication with users, to improve the user maintenance capability, and finally realize the safe and reliable operation of equipment.

    Technical service methods

    I. Build the complete customer files and product application information files.

    II. Comprehensively know the production application information through GPRS remote login and regular return visits by telephone, to prevent the faults.

    III. Carry out 24-h duty system, grasp the alarm information and site data at first time through big data service platform of intelligent t, and contact with the site user in time, to judge, position and eliminate the faults or hidden dangers, so as to ensure the transport safety and efficiency.

    IV. Set the hotline and listen to user information feedback and complaints at any time for timely response.

    V. Set the emergency warehouse of spare parts at multiple places for timely provision of standby equipment in time; timely analyze, detect and repair the returned fault equipment in time.

    Unique big data service platform of intelligent traffic

    Through the GPRS wireless transmission device equipped at the self-diagnosis equipment of the station, various application data and information of station railway circuit can be transmitted to GPRS remote maintenance platform of the Company via the Internet, to achieve the remote monitoring and maintenance.

    Build the application equipment maintenance management website at the Company, integrate these messages by virtue of database and network technology, and finally show them to the user in web page. Wherever or whenever you are, the platform is accessible for data viewing, provided there is a common computer to which the internet network can be accessed. Some other auxiliary functions provided by the platform are adopted for data analysis.

    In terms of the early warning and alarm information on the set, a real-time notification can be given to the Company’s service personnel and users by SMS as per the preset mobile phone number.

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